Online double-conversion UPS with 10-40kVA. Up to 20kVA you can select between models with 1- or 3-phase output. The system can be configured to parallel redundancy. There can be up to 8 units in parallel.

The usage of IGBT rectifi ers reduces the distortion of dependent mains. The current drain is pure sine wave.


  • Huge input voltage range
  • Parallel option for up to 8 units
  • Power factor >0.99
  • Frequency converter mode 50Hz > 60Hz or 60Hz > 50Hz
  • Eco Mode (effi ciency 95-98%)
  • Low THD(i) even under partial load


- UPS classification VFI-SS111 (IEC 62040-3)On-line double conversion.
- PFC rectifi er with IGBT technology.
Modular technologyUp to 20kVA either models with 1 or 3-phase output.
Modules with progressive self diagnostics.
High effi ciencySine wave output.
Digital signaling processor.
Clearly arranged LCD display.
Low weightRS232 and expandability for various interfaces:
 (SNMP, Relays, RS485/Modbus)
24 month's warranty
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