For all access floors, MERO offers a wide range of standard accessories. These accessories allow to use the access floor systems in many different ways:

Air conditioning panels for the climatization of rooms and machines.

Twist air outlets installed into access floor panels allow specialized ventilation.
Surface ventilation has proved its worth in all kinds of rooms for meetings, assemblies and conferences. Sockets provide the connections necessary for electricity and information systems.
Wall connection consists of elastic foaming tape additional skirting provides an attractive finish.
Expansion joints adjust to building movement, thus avoiding structural tensions.
Cable trays allow to install cables for various purposes.
Stairs overcome height differences in pedestrian areas. Ramps overcome height differences in traffic area.The intermediate cable floor divides the cavity below the access floor into two functional levels:
-for air conditioning.
-for service lines

Channels, floor openings and cable ways are bridged with structurally suitable bridging profiles.
are installed to increase the horizontal stability for static and dynamic loads.
Fascias are used to create sections in the access floor for acoustics, air conditioning and fire protection. Detached access floors are provided with a front fascia (visual fascia) which also acts as a support.
Markings enable the location of appliances such as smoke detectors or electrical distributors installed in the access floor.
Central vacuum cleaning machines with scattered outlets make room cleaning easy.


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